Monday, January 29, 2007

On ESPN's "Ten reasons the Bears will win"

re: Ten reasons the Bears will win
ESPN - By Scoop Jackson

These aren't my thoughts, but for the ones with substance, I agree.

Included in Scoop Jackson thoughts are a lot of fluff about mascots and nicknames. Pshaw! However, he has the Bears' defense as his number 2 reason. The Bears' defense os legendary. It was in 1985 BC (Before Championship), and has remained so through 1985, and now in 2007, still ranks as the toughest. Even when the Bears' offense has choked on its own hydrogen, it was still hard to score againgst.

7. Lance Briggs vs. Dwight Freeney, and Adam Vinatieri vs. Robbie Gould
These two matchups look like intangibles, but they are as tangibles as can be. Gould has saved more than one Bears' game, and Briggs is an almost invisible hero, ass Urlacher gets the applause.

That's not saying the Bears' offense this year is impotent. It isn't. Pretending Rex Grossman is the QB Peyton Manning is would be wrong. This brings us to 9. "Rex Grossman is a leader, not a quarterback"

Grossman has the support of his teammates. Whether Chicago's couch coaches dig him is another story, but on the field, they don't matter. Only the players matter. Players win ballgames, and we couch coaches have zero influence.

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