Saturday, March 17, 2007

Will Tank Johnson be fat this season? Bears' Johnson sentenced to 120 days in jail

Bears' Johnson sentenced to 120 days in jail - ESPN

Old news, yep, but consequences are fresh. 120 days in jail brings us to mid-July. Will Terry "Tank" Johnson be fat?

Tank's a big man. As far as I know, he'll eat the same food and have the same access to work out areas.

How will he adjust? Depending on his workouts at dietary habits, the rest may do him good. Many athletes at the top level have never rested. No matter how young he is, the reality is the same. Bodies get tired.

My thought: If Tank can do easy aerobic work, just to keep the weight down, and moderate weight work, the rest will be a good thing. As far as his legal issues, I have no idea, but, from what I have read, as they say, if you do the crime, you do the time.

I like Tank, I wish him well, and hope he comes out a better man. All I have seen in recent interviews says to me he knows who is, who he wants to be, and what it will take to get there.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Chicago Bears Free Agents (UNRESTRICTED & RESTRICTED)

With the off season officially here, trades will start to get going. Injuries will be examined and established, careers will end, and others will get their due.

  • G Ruben Brown
  • DTs Ian Scott and Alfonso Boone
  • Ss Todd Johnson and Cameron Worrell
  • WR Justin Gage

  • TE Gabe Reid

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Lovie Smith to Make $22 Million - details here

There you have it. Lovie stays on. New contract. Big bucks.

Contract keeps him through 2011, with $3.45 million this year (a raise from $1.45 million). $22 million over the next four years. Not a much maybe as a barely-graduated linebacker, but chump change it's not. Lovie's a good man, and I expect he'll be sharing more than a pittance for various charities and his church.

Some say, "It's about time." I say he earned it. Don't give a fellow more because the other guy more. What are those guys doing? Comparing size in the locker room? No way. Lovie took our boys to the Super Bowl. Didn't win, but, as Chicago sports go, making it to the party is a big deal, and a rare thing.

Good job Bears! Glad you don't do what the Cubs love to do, and instead, kept your best men.

Lovie Smith - Chicago Bears Head Coach - Signs Contract Extension
Associated Content - 14 hours ago
Lovie Smith, who last week called off talks between his agent and the Chicago Bears, who Smith has coached for the past three seasons, was finally rewarded for the job he has done coaching, as well as his patience throughout the negotiation process.

Lovie gets new deal from Chicago Coos Bay World
Bears coach Smith pleased to stay in Chicago NFL News
TransWorldNews (press release) - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - News24

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