Monday, January 22, 2007

Expect a Brawl

Peyton Manning is older, but is as seasoned as could be. He needs the ring bad. Might be his last chance.

Rex Grossman is underrated and overrated at the same time.

Tommie Harris and others are out on the Bears side. With them, the Colts are dead in the water. Without them, the Colts are in a great position to win.

Both teams are hungry enough to play the game until the last second. The Colts needed every minute yesterday, but left the victor. The Bears, in turn, needed an overtime to beat the Seattle Seahawks, but Robbie Gould was on the money.

In 1985, when da Coach and the rest of da Bears hit the Superbowl, they were the victors before the kickoff. We loved it in Chicago, but it wasn't a brawl. This game, Bears and Colts, will be that brawl.

By the way, anyone see Rocky Balboa? I loved it. It lacked as the greatest movie ever, but, for what I hoped for from a Rocky flick, this had it all.

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