Monday, June 11, 2007

Can Tank Johnson's Eight Game Rest Help the Bears?

While Tank Johnson sits out for eight games, do the Bears have a chance?


Consider that during the eight games period, Tank will not have one bruise or ache gained. Hopefully, he won't chow junk food like he did while incarcerated (including 162 beef sticks, 40 honey bun sweet rolls and 35 summer sausages). If he works out hard, knowing he does not need to focus on being rested for a Sunday game, he could actually come refreshed compared to the other guy. Defensive tackles take a brunt of hits, as many as they give.

Football's brutal and only the toughest get to play. Still, even football players are human. Playing fresh can help the Bears.

Also, if the Bears are winning without him, imagine their confidence with him?

If Tank's presence on the team is the difference between success and failure, the Bears never had a real shot this season. If they are in contention, though, Tank can take them there.

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